Russian Armored Cars

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In February of next year tests of two Russian armored cars of SPM-3 “Bear” and VPK-3927 “Wolf” developed by JSC Military-industrial Company together with NPO “Spetstekhnika i svyaz” and collected from the Russian accessories will come to the end. According to the representative of military industrial complex, these cars will occupy in the near future the most part of park of armored troop-carriers of internal troops.

The armored car “Wolf” has weight from 1,5 to 4,5 tons and is equipped with the YaMZ-534 engine developing capacity to 300 horsepowers and capable to accelerate the car to 120 kilometers per hour, thus the power unit conforms to the Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. The car contains to 18 people, and its road gleam is regulated from 250 to 550 millimeters.












“Wolf” is built according to the modular scheme, that is can be modified directly in field conditions: on it it is possible to establish anti-tank and short-range antiaircraft missile systems, mortars, means of fire support, and also armor of a class of protection 6а according to the Russian standards. Demonstration of an armored car took place two years ago, and it intends for land forces and airborne forces.


Armored car  “Bear” finished recently tests in the Caucasus and in the Astrakhan steppes in the conditions of highlands and high temperature to +45 degrees Celsius. The car passed 25 thousand kilometers and was subjected to ballistic tests and check of wheels. Further tests will take place in conditions of  low temperatures. SPM-3 “Bear” was developed for internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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  1. david

    what about mechanical aspects of that vehicle? but it looks very impressive!

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